Sunday, February 28, 2010

Challenge No. 1

ArtWork Play
Challenge #1
Monday, March 1st, 2010:

Subject: bug
Materials: paint

Remember this is just a starting point. You can take the challenge literally or figuratively. Paint a bug, collage a bug painting a picture, photograph a bug stuck in wet paint, etc. We don’t recommend applying paint to actual bugs, however…they don’t make great models…too twitchy.

Guidelines of Challenge:
1) The challenge will include a subject and materials.
2) Each challenge should be simple enough to execute in an hour or less.
3) It should not involve spending much money…ideally we would be able to use things we already have at home.
4) The challenges will be posted every Monday…however, you may jump in anytime.
5) We will have a pick of the week. If your entry gets chosen, we will feature you and your work. Good luck!

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